Things I am going to do in my gardens and around my yard

Since we bought our house last July, I haven't been too pleased with the outer appearance. So I am going to make some small changes that I think will drastically improve the overall looks.

First my DH pulled up the paving stones in the front garden. Why on Earth the previous owner thought they looked good there, I'll never know. Then we added some poop dirt. :)

Once the ground finally thaws out I will be planting dead nettle or lamium there. It'll just fill the entire garden. It comes in purple, pink and white, and I have decided to use all three colors. Here's what a purple one looks like...

Next I will take all of the bark out of the second garden up front. Pull up the hideous ground cover he had growing there, and plant more flowers. The day lillies that are there are going to stay and I'll be adding some shasta daisies, cone flowers and some other annual plants.

In the back yard we will be building a fire pit, planting a cherry tree and a peach tree, and also planting a lilac.

I'm so excited to finally be a homeowner. It's fun to be able to change things as you please, and even funner not giving money for someone else to build equity.

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