Adam's "6" month check up.

So yesterday we went to his "6" month check up and the poor little guy got some shots. It's okay though he's still happier than a fly with a pile of poo. Anyway, he started crawling a couple weeks after he turned 6 months and he has been moving since. His Pedi didn't believe me that he was crawling so of course I had to prove her wrong. I set Adam down on that floor and he was on all fours............... staring at me. So I pull out my phone and say "Come here Adam! Come get mommy's phone!" He grins with his half a snaggle tooth grin and comes chasing after my phone. The Pedi was all sorts of astonished and then gushed on how smart he was and how advanced he was for crawling and all that jazz.

Anyway, he is 17 lbs 12 oz, and 27 inches long.

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  1. He's getting big, and he's such a cutie. Lex still is just rolling around and army crawling a little. Soon enough it'll happen. I'm in no rush. :)