He's up on his hands and knees!!

FINALLY, Lathan was able to lift his fat body up and get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth! I thought I'd never see the day! Might this mean a real crawl shall come soon? Mmmm maybe by the times he's nine months old he might actually crawl :o). I love my Mr. Fat Man!


Where did my baby go?

Kaden has his first big boy quilt! Gramma made many baby quilts but this is the sign of my baby growing up. He's learning new things daily now, and surprising Mommy and Daddy with new tricks all the time.

Where did my little baby go? Kaden is pulling up to standing and starting to cruise furniture! He's gotten really good at getting up and down (he does this ALL. DAY. LONG) and rarely bumps his head into the table anymore. Go Kaden!

He's been crawling for a month at full speed and he's doing a lot more "talking" lately as well. The most amazing thing was yesterday. He had a bunch of toys scattered all over the floor where we were playing. I said "Kaden, where is Glowie?" and he looks and looks around, turning his head and finally - he spots her! He crawls over and grabs the glow worm by the hand! It just amazed me, and made me think he probably understands a lot more than I am giving him credit for. My smart little boy is growing up fast though. He's getting big in the blink of an eye it seems.