Steak Dinner. Om nom nom!!

So I made this AWESOMELY awesome steak dinner tonight and I was going to share how I did it.

What you need is:

1 bottle of Chaka's MMM sauce. (Size depends on how many steaks you get)
2-6 steaks (Which ever kind of beef you like)
2-6 large russet potatoes
Mushrooms. (However much you want or none if you don't want)

So you take the Chaka's MMM sauce and steaks and put them in a large (or small) deep dish pan. Put in the fridge for 30 mins to 3 hours. Get out a LARGE cookie sheet (one with sides on it) and pre-heat the oven to 425. You should put you potatoes in the oven at least a half hour before you put in your steaks. Pull steaks out of fridge and put them on that cookie sheet, if you want a little extra flavor add some of that Chaka's MMM sauce on top of the steaks. Put the steaks in, and check every 15 minutes depending upon the thickness. We had one inch steaks and they were rare at 30 minutes. Medium rare at 40 minutes, Medium well at 50 minutes and well done at 60. (My husband likes his meat well dead and not mooin.) Get a skillet and put a "dollop" of butter and turn that burner on high. Saute the mushrooms till they are golden brown. Take those mushrooms and drop them on top of that steak and put butter on that baked potato and you now have a steak n potatoes dinner....

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  1. Minus the mushrooms, that looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. :D