Larry dog the biter.

So my brother and SIL moved to Germany because my brother got stationed there. They had to quarantine their dog Larry before he could be shipped over there. The dog used to be really aggressive, but not so much anymore. Anyway, the dog is staying with my parents and he has a crate that he stays in. I'm not too worried about him biting because he's gotten A LOT better, but there is that small chance that he will.

Anyway I caught this really cute shot of the boys trying to play with Larry through the cage. He was actually being very very good.

The look on their faces is priceless. Adam's is like "Darn you caught me!" Matthew's is like "I tried to tell him Mom." And Larry's is like "I didn't do it honest."

By the way, Larry's nick name is "Larry the cable dog." Psh you all were thinking it. I know it!

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  1. lol. Those looks are priceless. I love it! Looks like a cute dog too.