Larry dog the biter.

So my brother and SIL moved to Germany because my brother got stationed there. They had to quarantine their dog Larry before he could be shipped over there. The dog used to be really aggressive, but not so much anymore. Anyway, the dog is staying with my parents and he has a crate that he stays in. I'm not too worried about him biting because he's gotten A LOT better, but there is that small chance that he will.

Anyway I caught this really cute shot of the boys trying to play with Larry through the cage. He was actually being very very good.

The look on their faces is priceless. Adam's is like "Darn you caught me!" Matthew's is like "I tried to tell him Mom." And Larry's is like "I didn't do it honest."

By the way, Larry's nick name is "Larry the cable dog." Psh you all were thinking it. I know it!


Adam's "6" month check up.

So yesterday we went to his "6" month check up and the poor little guy got some shots. It's okay though he's still happier than a fly with a pile of poo. Anyway, he started crawling a couple weeks after he turned 6 months and he has been moving since. His Pedi didn't believe me that he was crawling so of course I had to prove her wrong. I set Adam down on that floor and he was on all fours............... staring at me. So I pull out my phone and say "Come here Adam! Come get mommy's phone!" He grins with his half a snaggle tooth grin and comes chasing after my phone. The Pedi was all sorts of astonished and then gushed on how smart he was and how advanced he was for crawling and all that jazz.

Anyway, he is 17 lbs 12 oz, and 27 inches long.

Why is Lathan still toothless!

He's going to be 7 months old on the 22nd, and there are ZERO signs of him getting any teeth! He doesn't seem to be in an discomfort, as if to show, "Hey, I'm going to have choppers soon, so help me out!"
Oh well, I guess I should count my blessings, he's bouncing in his neglectaroo and having a ball!

(I just wanted to add a picture of his happy toothless grin!)


Break Through!

Miss A's top two teeth have broken through the gums. YAY! She's still ornery as a hippo with a hernia, but it's got to be a little less painful for her. Her nose is still running and she's developed a cough, but I think that's from the stuff running from her nose into the back of her throat. :(
Hopefully I'll be getting my sweet little sleeps through the night baby back soon. Although I love this baby too, I also love my sleep!



This graphics stuff is very addictive - seriously. I spend a lot of time playing around with stuff and even when I'm at work I think about the designs I can do. I went into a technical field for work - and I miss the artsy side of life. Especially since Carson came along....I don't get enough time to do anything else creative. So this graphics stuff is awesome!

Teething woes

Well Adam cut one tooth the a couple weeks ago, and now he is cutting another.... he is mister grumpy butt no matter what we do! Orajel, tylenol, cold wash cloth..... you'd think I'd know what to do since this isn't my first rodeo, but Matthew was never like this. I'm thinking about maybe freezing one of his teethers.


Things I am going to do in my gardens and around my yard

Since we bought our house last July, I haven't been too pleased with the outer appearance. So I am going to make some small changes that I think will drastically improve the overall looks.

First my DH pulled up the paving stones in the front garden. Why on Earth the previous owner thought they looked good there, I'll never know. Then we added some poop dirt. :)

Once the ground finally thaws out I will be planting dead nettle or lamium there. It'll just fill the entire garden. It comes in purple, pink and white, and I have decided to use all three colors. Here's what a purple one looks like...

Next I will take all of the bark out of the second garden up front. Pull up the hideous ground cover he had growing there, and plant more flowers. The day lillies that are there are going to stay and I'll be adding some shasta daisies, cone flowers and some other annual plants.

In the back yard we will be building a fire pit, planting a cherry tree and a peach tree, and also planting a lilac.

I'm so excited to finally be a homeowner. It's fun to be able to change things as you please, and even funner not giving money for someone else to build equity.

Crying all the time

Four days last week, my little guy was STTN. And now...back to his old ways. Waking up crying and not wanting to go back to sleep. I know it has to do with being close to me, because sometimes when I grab him and put him in bed with me - he smiles - and then snuggles and goes right to sleep. Little booger.

He's got his mommy and daddy wrapped right around his little finger. And he's what, only 21 lbs!


Steak Dinner. Om nom nom!!

So I made this AWESOMELY awesome steak dinner tonight and I was going to share how I did it.

What you need is:

1 bottle of Chaka's MMM sauce. (Size depends on how many steaks you get)
2-6 steaks (Which ever kind of beef you like)
2-6 large russet potatoes
Mushrooms. (However much you want or none if you don't want)

So you take the Chaka's MMM sauce and steaks and put them in a large (or small) deep dish pan. Put in the fridge for 30 mins to 3 hours. Get out a LARGE cookie sheet (one with sides on it) and pre-heat the oven to 425. You should put you potatoes in the oven at least a half hour before you put in your steaks. Pull steaks out of fridge and put them on that cookie sheet, if you want a little extra flavor add some of that Chaka's MMM sauce on top of the steaks. Put the steaks in, and check every 15 minutes depending upon the thickness. We had one inch steaks and they were rare at 30 minutes. Medium rare at 40 minutes, Medium well at 50 minutes and well done at 60. (My husband likes his meat well dead and not mooin.) Get a skillet and put a "dollop" of butter and turn that burner on high. Saute the mushrooms till they are golden brown. Take those mushrooms and drop them on top of that steak and put butter on that baked potato and you now have a steak n potatoes dinner....

Sad, sad baby

Today miss lex is cutting 4 teeth. She is usually SO happy, but all she does today is fuss, cry and want to sleep. It's sad to see her so upset. I wish that I could take her pain away from her and keep it for me. But alas, this is something that I know she must endure herself and I know that it is short lived. I will be happy to see my happy little girl again soon.

On a happier note, she'll look so dang cute with 6 teeth. She'll have the top middle two and bottom middle four.

Love this layout!

Which one of you set up this layout?? I would like to know the html, so I can do my other blogs with my own layouts, I just need to know how!

How are everyone's babies doing??


Not crafty...

I'm not as crafty as Lexi's mom and I don't really make anything.... with some thought I will come up with something to contribute to this blog.

High Chairs

I've started making high chairs for babies. They are freaking awesome! I've already sold 5 of them. They are really fun to make and highly usable. I use mine every day.

Miss A

Miss A is getting really fun lately. She is rolling all around, sitting by herself, and every now and then she laughs uncontrolably. She has the best laugh. It lights up my life.