Oh the fun!

Hi Guys!
You all know me(Sarah) and little Jerrod :) He's getting so big now! He's low crawling around the house like mad, has cut his first two teeth on the bottom, and has started saying hi, mama, dada, and OWWW. He hears Owww from me daily, and I think that's his favorite word right now!
I love finding new things to make for him, and the newest is baby legs. Check them out! They're so simple and easy to make. He's not quite crawling on his knees yet, but the rough carpet is making his little knees so raw. The ones in the pic are made out of little boys crew socks found on clearance, but I have also made ones using woman's knee socks to make them longer.
I'm waiting for the weather to be a lot nicer, it's been raining off and on constantly for the last two weeks! Little man loves it outside, and he's the happiest camper when out and about. He loves walks. I can't wait for our family trip! It's going to be so fun taking him boating, swimming and walks on the walking trails. The bonfires at the cabin will be tons of fun too. We had a bonfire at my brother's house a couple weekends ago, and he loved watching the fire, and fell asleep to it. I think it was the soundest sleep he's had in a long time! Didn't even wake up when putting him in his car seat on the way home or putting him to bed once we got home.


  1. Love the baby legs. Do they slip down, or do they stay up pretty well?

  2. as long as you put the stretchy part on the top and the cuff at the bottom they stay up pretty well :)