Hello! My name is Marcie - and my little stud muffin is Kaden. He turned 8 months old yesterday - what happened to my little newborn? He is crawling, pulling up to his feet, and trying to hard to just go go go. He is so amazing though, he really is my motivation for being a better person, living a better life, and he just brings out the best in our family as a whole. He's definitely a Mommy's boy, still nursing and loving it.

He actually just slept through the night last night, for the first time in his whole life! I could hardly believe it. I'm not so naive that I think this will be a lasting pattern but it was nice, even if for just one night! I love this little guy.


  1. YAY for sleeping through the night! What if anything did you do differently?

    There are so many cute boy babies!

  2. Just now seeing this! The only thing I have been doing differently is his naps. He started on 2 naps instead of 3 and I make sure his last nap is much later than before. He now wants to be up around 4 hours after his last nap. He's not STTN every night, but he's sleeping much longer for his first stretch. I have tried your technique a few times Elisa, and so far he just screams if he is literally not nestled up against me. Try try and try again!